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Vietnam has a colorful landscape- intriguing hills, lush jungles, pristine beaches, and beautiful waters- and is rapidly emerging as one of the most exciting new destinations for adventure holidays in Asia. Vietnam with it's diversified geography and climates has attracted a lot of adventurers to discover it. A hard trek through the tropical jungles to Mountain Fansipan - the peak of Indochina peninsula, or a relax sea kayak to discover limestone grottos in Halong bay. Biking along the winding mountain roads to enjoy the breathtaking view or cycling through tranquil deltas of Mekong river or Red river, soft trek to the remote and un-touched villages of hill tribal people, all activities will fascinate adventurers to chooseVietnam as an awesome destination.

Tour Packages
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UNIQUE FAR NORTH – ROOF OF VIETNAM (7 days)Traveling through some of the north's most dramatic scenery, our Roof of Vietnam: Ha Giang and the Far North tour package is a fantastic journey into this mountainous region. The tour cover one round: Hanoi - Ha Giang - Meo Vac - Dong Van - Lung Cu - Tam Son (Yen Minh) - Hanoi
FROM TOP OF INDOCHINA "FANSIPAN PEAK" TO THE SEA " HALONG BAY – OVERNIGHT ON CRUISE" (7 days - 6 nights)This tour Cover 3 best destinations of Vietnam, with 3 totally difference beauty! Hanoi Capital – Sapa – Fansipan – Halong Bay-Hanoi
PICTURESQUE NORTHWEST OF VIETNAM (6 days – 5 nights)Hanoi – Mai Chau - Mọc Chau - Son La - Dien Bien - Lai Chau - Tam Duong - Sapa - Hilltribal Market - Bac Ha – Hanoi

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