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An exotic land filled with diverse scenery, intriguing culture, and a rich, fascinating history, Vietnam also is a country of brilliant green rice fields, bustling city streets, grand colonial buildings, exotic temples, deserted sandy beaches, and breathtaking mountain scenery. To truly capture the essence of Vietnam travelers should spend time in each region. However, spectacular, concentrated, our Vietnam classic tours are rewarding experiences!

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EXPLORING VIETNAM (15 days - 14 nights)This tour covers almost charming highlight sites of the country by following direction: Hochiminh (Fareast Pearl) – Mekong Delta Homestay - Danang - Hoian ancient town& cooking class - Hue imperial city – Hanoi Capital – Sapa Hill Tribes - Halong World Heritage Cruise - Hanoi
VIETNAM SOUTHERN HIGHLIGHT (4 days-3 nights)With short time in the Southern Vietnam, let’s experience what are not available in other regions of Vietnam: the bustling life on the Mekong tributaries, historical traces of the American war, and exciting life in SAIGON – the hub of new cultural flows, the attraction of most hectic people, the rendezvous of modern Vietnamese contrasts
GLIMPSE OF VIETNAM COUNTRY (5 days)Travel in short time but focus on main destinations of the country such as 2 biggest city& one of coming new 7 wonder of the world. This tour start from Hanoi Capital –> Halong World Heritage Cruise –> Cuchi Tunel –> Mekong Delta -> Hochiminh (Fareast Pearl)
NORTHERN HIGHLIGHT OF VIETNAM (6 days - 5 nights)Diverse beauty, you will experience totally difference charm of each place from city life of people in Hanoi capital -> Halong Bay of Natural World Heritage –> to Sapa highland with minority ethnic on moutainous area-> Hanoi
CHARMING VIETNAM (9 days 8 nights)It's said that this is a Heritage tour of Vietnam, with very short time but travellers visit many attractions of the country from Hanoi capital -> Halong Bay Natural World Heritage -> Danang city -> Hoi An ancient Heritage town -> Hue Heritage Iperial Citadel-> Ho Chi Minh City (Far east pearl)-> Mekong Delta -> Ho Chi Minh City

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